Mila Kay Leonard- Central Michigan Newborn

This LOVE baby belongs to my “soul cousin and regular cousin, A.K.A. Matt and Tara! 

I have to add that Tara is my soul cousin to this blog post. Our husbands secretly get annoyed with us and our silly, girly bond we have. We get into our own little world and do non-stop talking and giggling. For example, last year when we were on our way home from the Faster Horses Festival we stopped for food and pretended that we just had found out Tara was pregnant again. We screamed and giggled about it in the bathroom to the point that our husbandswho were out ordering our “hangover food at McDonald’ssaid to each other (in complete embarrassment), “Was that our girls? 

So, Miss Mila Kay entered this world on March 10th, 2017. You are probably wondering why it took me so long to blog about this sweet, beautiful baby. Well, I am tad emotional (in a happy way) about Mila’s arrival, and I wanted to collect all of my thoughts and make sure that I knew what I wanted to say. 

Miss Mila has been a question at every Watson family event for several years now. this means that Matt and Tara got asked several times, “When are you two going to have a baby?”
I think it got to the point where my dad promised Matt a trip to Graceland if they decided to have a baby! I wonder when Matt is going to check in that promise? 😉 

Miss Mila is also ONE of the main reasons my dream studio was built in 2016 and not 2017. The idea of putting it in the barn in the backyard was in motion, but was on hold until spring 2017.  Then Tara got pregnant and my “wheel” in my head started to spin, along with my lack of patience. The photography opportunities we could have for the maternity and newborn sessions was one of the main conversations we had at Faster Horses. So, boom, “Operation Build Trisha Hyde Dream Barn Studio” was in motion, all thanks to Mila! 

The reality of it is that I photographed Matt and Tara’s wedding in 2013; their love for each other was magical. 
If you ever been around these two, you know what I am talking about. 
Watching these two bring a beautiful baby girl into the world and seeing their love for a child they made togethernow that is a level of LOVE you don’t see very often. 
I could go on and on about Matt and Tara’s love for each other and why Mila is called their love baby, but I am to the point where my eyes are watery. Soo…. Enjoy Miss Mila’s newborn photos!  
2017-03-21_0015.jpg2017-03-21_0016.jpg2017-03-21_0017.jpg2017-03-21_0018.jpg2017-03-21_0019.jpg2017-03-21_0020.jpg2017-03-21_0021.jpg2017-03-21_0022.jpg2017-03-21_0023.jpg2017-03-21_0024.jpg2017-03-21_0025.jpg2017-03-21_0026.jpg2017-03-21_0027.jpg2017-03-21_0028.jpg2017-03-21_0029.jpg2017-03-21_0030.jpgLove you Mila Kay! Disclaimer: Tara knew she was pregnant and consumed no alcoholic beverages at Faster Horses. I thought I needed to add this in there for all the crazy birds out there who like to assume things.

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