About Trisha

Hi and welcome! My name is Trisha Hyde.  I could go on and on about how important photography is to me but you can probably get the idea by traveling through my website. So instead let me tell you (bore you) with some random things about myself or you can watch the video above! 😀

My Husband – The only one I can be totally mad at, and then be laughing and smiling with 5 minutes later. Also, my 4th child. 😉

My Children – Evelyn my unplanned, (best) oopsie I ever made child. She is my crazy 2 year old toddler, of which I enjoy documenting her antics on my Instagram (#evelynsantics). And Bodey. My planned, blue eyed, ginger child, of which I cried tears of joy when we found out we were having a boy. 

My Stepdaughter. – Makayla gave me an amazing jumpstart to motherhood and a great model as I was getting started in photography. I love all her big sisters qualities and her one dimple she has.

My Family – My father and mother are truly my heroes. I know everyone says that about their parents but mine really are. My two sisters and I are all different but yet the same and have an indescribable bond.

My Best friends – I grew up not having many friends and now have a pile of them. Funny how life works.

My Craving – I am “lonely” Starbucks lover (shout out to T. Swift). Yes, I said it. It is my weakness. A $4.19 weakness.

My Faults – I have many faults. One being I am a terrible writer (Miranda, my wedding partner , had to proof read this for me!).  Two, I am a terrible cook. I grew up playing softball and spent zero time in the kitchen. Three, I am the most inpatient person ever! Ask my husband.

My Good Qualities – I am a very driven person. I am an honest person. I try to find happiness in every situation. 

My Favorites Things – Target, Mexico, anything vintage or lace, A good jam out session with no kids in the car, Sleep (that I don’t get enough of), and Mexican food.

My Quirks- I have Trisha-ism’s (ask my friends they can explain), I love to dance, when I am nervous I mumble and make up words, everything has a “place” (my poor husband).

Thanks for taking the time read and get to know me a little. I can’t wait to get to know you!

– Trish

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