Final countdown…

March 12th, 2014 I jumped in the shower as hubby was getting around for work. I knew there was a possibility that two pink lines could make its presence but didn’t think we would be so lucky especially since we were trying this time! 😉 But sure enough, we both looked and there it was… two pink lines… “almost clear as day.” (I always think of the Eric Church song when I think of “sitting around here waiting on two pink lines”).

He gave me a high five and said “good work” and that was it… I thought “no way… I am pregnant again” and was mentally trying to prepare myself for the morning sickness I know was to come… but it only came for 3 days…maybe and those 3 days were miserable especially with a toddler but then it passed and I was just tired. Going to bed at 8pm instead of 10pm.
The first trimester passed and I felt great… thought to myself  “this baby is definitely a boy” because with Evelyn I was sick up until 18 weeks and then after that I was just miserable!  And do I even need to bring up my 3rd trimester with Evelyn???
My husband said the other night to me “you just seem better this time around… your not swollen and you don’t have that extra chin (as he makes a hand motion to my chin)”… I told him politely I would just stop talking! hahahaha

But the fact that I was thinking this baby was a boy I wasn’t saying this baby was boy. Everyone kept asking me “what do you think you are having?” I always responded with “Probably another girl” Because lets face the facts here, girls are pretty dang popular in our families! But when the ultrasound tech lady told us we were having a boy, I balled like a baby!!! Yes, balled! To the point Justin asked if I was okay! hahaha
I just knew our family was complete!

Now with only 4-5 weeks left to go…the babies room isn’t done, the bags are not packed but I will say everything is out and presence (in a heaping pile in his room). With Evelyn this was not the case at all! Quite the opposite actually.
But I am hoping to tackle it this weekend.

I have been dreaming up this idea in my head for awhile and still haven’t 110% completed it because I need to get hubby to corporate for a shot. Which I am sure he will do soon 😉 But thankful for my sister who was willing to go along with my crazy idea. She is taking some photography classes in college and what not better way to learn than with a hormonal, control freak pregnant lady and a crazy toddler! 😉


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