Newborn Mentoring with Carah and Brittni- Central Michigan

Had wonderful time mentoring with Brittni from Brittni Marie Photography and Carah from Carah K Photography last month!

Why did you decide to mentor with Trisha Hyde?
Carah- Never mentored before and I wanted to brush up on my skills 😉
Brittni- I needed a refresher on my newborn sessions. Angles, lighting, posing.


What Information were you hoping to take away from your mentoring session?
Carah- A better take on wrapping and natural light.
Brittni- I really needed to learn about light and what angle to photograph the baby at.


Do you feel Trisha Hyde explained things in depth?
Carah- She did for sure!
Brittni- Yes! She/you made sure we really understood everything before moving on to the next step.


What was one thing you learned during your mentoring that you did not expect to learn?
Carah- That I am insane for not shooting in RAW (ha) That AND I don’t need to shoot newborns at a 1.8/2.0 … 2.8 is where its “at”
Brittni- The business side of sessions…probably wasn’t part of the newborn mentoring but I really enjoyed the brief talk about quickbooks etc.



What was your favorite part about your mentoring?
Carah- Finally meeting Trisha, seeing her gorgeous studio AND learning how to better my newborn sessions!
Brittni-  Favorite part was how relaxing everything was and how welcomed I felt. I also really enjoyed that I was able to wrap and pose a baby. That was something I wasn’t able to do in a past newborn mentoring and it really made me understand how to wrap and where the baby should be in the mom’s arms/bucket.


What pose were you most interested in learning?
Carah- Potato Sack Pose
Brittni- I was most interested in learning wraps and parent photos.



Would you recommend Trisha Hyde?
Carah- For sure!
Brittni- Yes! Already have 🙂



Here are some quick behind the scene moments my assistant, Amy took.

If you are interested in mentoring with me, feel free to click HERE for more information or email me at 

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