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So first off, please forgive me for any grammar errors I am about to have… writing isn’t my thing…

I am not one to get all personal either…except for sharing photos of Evelyn or my family but I thought I would share what has been going on with me in the last couple weeks.

So most of you all know I was in a severe car accident on September 11th, 2013. I was driving straight when suddenly   I was struck from behind which sent my truck into a airborne cartwheel and then I landed on my drivers side and slid about 50 yards.
I never seen it coming!
What I know so far is that speed and drugs was a factor from the other driver.

The accident messed with me physically and mentally…not to mention my business. I had to reschedule sessions and got backed up on editing BIG TIME!

I know car accidents happen everyday and bad things happen everyday to good people and bad people…
But from this whole experience  I realized life is short and it can end at any second!
With that  being said… I am taking this accident as learning experience and slowing my life down… I want to enjoy the rest of Evelyn’s 1st year before she turns 1! I want to enjoy planning my wedding!
I want to enjoy watching my sister play sports her last year in High School!
I want to try to make it to every school event Makayla has!

Right now, being my busy season for photography I am shooting 4-5 times a week which means tons of editing and me being away from my family!

Starting November 1st, 2013 I will only be shooting Sunday nights and 1 week night maybe two depending on the week.
I will also only book 10 weddings per year…right now I have 8 for 2014!

I won’t shoot Saturdays unless it’s a wedding. I am saving the Saturdays I do have for family time!

I won’t be doing anymore squeezing… Please contact me a month or two ahead of time if you do want to get on my calendar.

I want to thank you all for understanding and being such great supporters of me and my business!
It honestly mean a lot to me!!!
I feel very blessed and thankful!

Thank you to everyone who is still waiting on photos…I promise I am working hard at trying to get caught up!

<3 Trish

Photo credit: to my mother 🙂


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