The Clarke Family

First off, please forgive me if I have any run on sentences or grammar issues with this post.
I usually keep it brief and let my photos tell the story but this family session is a little different.
(Writing isn’t really my thing)

Drew recently fell onto to his back on a post about a month ago which led him and his parents finding out  he had a large tumor in his back.
Drew then had surgery to see the extent of this tumor which they took biopsy’s of and found that it was stage 3 cancer!

Leigh asked me to do photos for her right before my accident …I am completely booked until November but  there is no way I could say no. So I moved some things around and did the session this last Monday.

This Monday was terrible for me… it was my first day back to work… I was swamped with paper work, editing, emails etc. and not to mention Insurance adjusters kept calling and calling and I was just sick of talking about the accident.
But when I arrived to this session and I seen Drew’s smile… My day did a 110% turn around! He told me all about how he likes to collect old coins and I promised him if I found any that I would give them to him!
So if you guys have any old coins please let me know so I can give them to Drew!

He is just such happy, fun, loving kid! I love his toothless smile and the silly stories he told me during the session!

And the reason I skipped the 8 sessions and 3 weddings that I have to edit is because Drew did his first treatment of Chemo today 🙁
So I thought that the Clarke family needed a “pick me up”!  (I know my engagement with Justin certainly helped me after my accident)
So Leigh, Scott and Drew I have your photos all done and here is just a few from your session!
I am going to personally deliver your USB of the rest of your photos to your house tonight!

I am praying for you Drew! KICK SOME BUTT! And I will be getting some old coins around for you!

<3 Trish


Of course you have to sneak a silly face in there..

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